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This is an exciting chapter for FOBISIA;  for the first time, in 2024 swimming will take place in Thanyapura Sports and Health resort.


We have worked hard to ensure this event will be the pinnacle of FOBISIA Swimming. We have some new features for the 2024 event, alongside some familiar routines. Below is a summary of the event: 

Daily Highlights


Rembrandt Studio

Official Event Photographer

Tournament Information


  • Simultaneous use of both 25m and 50m pools (all finals will be World Aquatics rules and licensed by TSA officials)

  • Shorter days to allow for a more student centric experience

  • Market Village with stalls ranging from the the very best  swimming merchandise, to local charities and partners

  • Accommodation on site and within walking distance of the pools (first come, first served)

  • Access to all the resort facilities

  • Access to performance analysis clinics with real life age group data to give comparisons against student athletes from across the globe

  • Demonstrations and Q+A with the World Aquatics elite athletes who live and train at Thanyapura. These are future Olympic stars. 

  • Access to 1:1 strength and conditioning training, with personalised programmes and an online coach to support your ambitions after the event and in your own time

  • Various fun events to further enhance the experience for all

  • Workshops on

    • US College athletic scholarships

    • Nutrition

    • Sports psychology 


All schools should plan to arrive on Thursday 1st February. Airport transfers will be arranged for those booking accommodation at the discounted rates mentioned below.

Schools should book their return flights no earlier than 4pm on Sunday 4th February. If schools want to stay an additional night on Sunday 4th February, this can be arranged by informing us on the registration form. 

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FOBISIA Swimming - head.jpg

Safety & Risk Assessment

Major Partner

I am excited to announce our official partnership with Teems for FOBISIA invitational events. This partnership will ensure the consistent annual organisation of all FOBISIA invitationals. While we will continue to seek schools to host events, in cases where a host cannot be found, Teems will step in to offer their support and ensure continuity.


Certain events, such as FOBISIA swimming, have gained significant popularity and present challenges for schools to host. Our new collaboration with Teems will provide additional support with large scale events to further improve our provisions.

Gareth Pearson, FOBISIA PE and Sports Executive for Invitational Sports

It is a pleasure to invite you to attend FOBISIA Swimming in 2024. Our hosts, Thanyapura Sports and Health resort is a fantastic facility and we are all looking forward to this being a wonderful experience for all the students. 


I know that all the students, coaches will work really hard in preparation for this fantastic event. We know that they will be great ambassadors for their schools. 

Paul Rotheram, TEEMS

Additional Services

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