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Educational experts who have worked to the highest standards of International Schools in SE Asia with a proven ability to deliver results over a variety of projects.

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Our Services

Teems has been founded by the former Head of Sport and Activities at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside. We are able to see and understand requirements both from a schools point of view and also their students and always place student safety first. We then have the ability to create opportunities that will best meet the needs of all parties involved. 

International School Support

  • ECA Outsourcing

  • Sports leagues and events

  • Child safeguarding practices

Weekend/Weekday Programs
  • Ages 2.5 and older

  • Specialist sports and STEAM programs

  • EAL programs

Sport Tours

  • Regional and International  

  • Specialist partner locations

  • Cultural experiences 



  • Inclusive for all students

  • Half Day and Full Day options

  • High Performance Sports  

Annual Sport Events
  • All ages catered for

  • All skill levels 

  • Variety of activities 

Why Choose Us

We understand
schools needs
child safeguarding
Dedicated to
serving clients


I have worked alongside Paul Rotheram, Shrewsbury for almost a decade at various FOBISIA and other sporting events. Every event Paul has hosted has been to the highest standard of professionalism. His planning and attention to detail ensure he coordinates inclusive, fun and competitive events. Paul has fostered positive relationships with a variety of different working groups across the region. Therefore would highly recommend Paul to host any sporting event in ASIA.

Gareth Pearson / Director of Activities & Sports / The British School Manila FOBISIA Executive Committee Member - Invitational Event & Handbooks

I can unreservedly recommend Paul Rotheram to you. Paul has worked as Director of Sports and Activities at Shrewsbury International School Riverside since August 2015. In that time he has worked tirelessly to build up the sports programme in the school so that participation rates are now the highest the school has seen and the performance levels of many of our teams are consistently high. More importantly, he has focused on the culture of sport around the school and promoted a progressive, healthy and sustainable approach to sport and physical activity with students, staff and parents. This has changed the landscape of sport in the school with more students than ever included and engaged with sports programmes through their time with us.

Robert Millar / Principal / Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside Campus

At Harrow International School, Bangkok we take student wellbeing, safety and the quality of experience very seriously. Events hosted by Paul Rotheram are always of the highest standard; when we enter sports tournaments and commit to programmes hosted by Paul in his role as Director of Sports and activities at Shrewsbury, Riverside Bangkok, the level of expertise and student focused approach is always apparent. This approach is the same for large multi-day events such as those organised by FOBISIA and single day events we regularly participate in. Events are always well planned, clearly communicated, fairly priced and offer the highest student experience. Paul is always open to discussion and considers many moving parts that exist during such large-scale events. Events ran by Paul also considers the experience of staff and spectators alike, this ensures that everyone attending the event has a positive experience.

Sam Lewis / Director of Sport / Harrow International School Bangkok

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