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About Us

Paul Rotheram is the founder of TEEMS Global. 

Paul Rotheram, with a rich background in education and a keen understanding of the specific challenges faced by schools within the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA), established TEEMS Global to foster empowerment and innovation in education settings. TEEMS Global (Trust Education Empowerment Mindset and Success) now stands at the forefront of educational transformation leading the field with school events, educational camps and FOBISIA sporting opportunities for thousands of students. .


As the former Director of Sport and Activities at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok Riverside, Paul has a proven track record of orchestrating high-profile events and fostering meaningful partnerships with schools. Over the last ten years, his commitment to excellence has significantly enhanced educational programs and activities in the region. 

TEEMS Global, is proud to offer dynamic camps that immerse students in engaging and transformative experiences. TEEMS approach to experiential learning sparks curiosity and encourages a lifelong passion for discovery for students of all ages. Paul and his team also excel in managing Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA), supporting schools in developing and executing diverse programs that are crucial for student development and personal growth.

Moreover, TEEMS Global champions English as an Additional Language (EAL) programs, addressing the varied linguistic needs of students, striving to create welcoming and supportive environments that enhance language acquisition and boost confidence.

TEEMS Global is devoted to uplifting schools within FOBISIA and beyond, inviting educational institutions to explore their wider offerings while staying true to their unique mission and vision. 

Join Paul Rotheram and our team of experts as we venture beyond traditional learning environments to nurture a love of learning and build a promising future for students. Step beyond the textbook with us and embark on a journey of educational excellence!

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