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TEEMS are your school specialist when it comes to outsourcing your after school student activities. Our staff have overseen tens of thousands of students involved in engaging, interactive and progressive activities. We understand student safety and child safeguarding more than other private companies because we are guided by a former Head of Sport and Activities of a top International school. 

TEEMS can work with your school to implement and administer a comprehensive after school sport and activity program that maximises school infrastructure and resources. We provide you additional external support and allow you to focus on your core business, which is educating your students.

We can also: ​

  • Provide you with a centralised ECA platform and point of contact where you control the overall program and we can provide the day to day administration and oversee its execution. 

  • Standardised pre-qualification and post monitoring compliance of all providers for safety checks – Finger print Police Checks, registered business information, qualification checks, child safeguarding, on-going coach/teacher education.

  • Increase & maximise revenue by increasing usage of your facilities with the programs on offer. 

  • Customise your programs to suit the needs and preferences of all students according to the facilities you have available to you.  

  • Clear communication for your staff and student families to follow their children's activities. 

  • Provide a wide variety of indoor and outdoor enrichment programs. 

  • Offer surveys to parents and use feedback to continuously improve and develop your ECA program.

To discuss your after school activity needs please contact us here.

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Get in touch

If you need any support or have any further questions regarding transport and/or accommodation, please contact:


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