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TEEMS Global Services

TEEMS Global is a sports company offering a comprehensive range of sports services, with an emphasis on football. We collaborate with leading industry partners including Vald, Statsports, and Playedge to provide cutting edge coaching, analytics, and performance data for players and teams.


Unlock Your Athletic Potential With
Vald Performance

Vald Performance offers a comprehensive range of services to help athletes reach their peak performance. Our team of professional coaches provide specialized guidance and training to help athletes develop their skills and reach their goals. We also offer individualized nutrition plans to help athletes nourish their bodies and support their performance.


Track Your Progress & Measure Your Success


Teems Global is a sports company committed to bringing athletes to the next level. We are dedicated to improving performance and injury prevention. Our team of experts use the latest technology and skills to help athletes achieve their goals. We are proud to offer Statsports, the world's leading GPS player performance tracking system. This system allows coaches to track players' movements and monitor their performance in real time. 

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Elevate your child's sports performance with PLAYEREDGE.

We offer a range of services tailored to maximize their potential. Our rental service provides access to advanced GPS units, coupled with comprehensive performance reports and personalized training recommendations. With PlayerEdge, you can gain valuable insights into your child's performance, compare their progress to top players, and receive expert guidance to enhance their skills. Empower your child to excel in their chosen sport and unlock their full potential with PLAYEREDGE.


Thailand's #1 Destination for Authentic Football Gear

Step into Ari Football Store and elevate your game to the next level. We offer a premium selection of football and futsal shoes, genuine football jerseys, and top-notch football equipment. As Thailand's leading football gear retailer, we're committed to providing you with unbeatable quality, exceptional service, and the latest styles from major brands. Come experience the difference and score like never before!

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