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UWC Thailand Summer Camp

Monday 24th June - Friday 12th July 2024

Week 1 - Monday 24th - Friday 28th June 2024

Week 2 - Monday 1st - Friday 5th July 2024

Week 3 - Monday 8th - Friday 12th July 2024



This year, UWC Thailand and Teems Global have joined forces to present the UWC Thailand Holiday Camp from Monday, 24th to Friday, 12th July.


This three-week camp will feature the expertise of UWC Thailand's qualified staff and the state-of-the-art facilities of the campus, managed by Teems Global, known for their experience in organizing enjoyable and engaging holiday camps. This partnership brings together a winning combination of skills and knowledge to ensure that your children have an unforgettable summer experience.


Discover more details below.


Bookings for our UWC Thailand Summer Camp 2024 will open on March 27th, 2024

Summer Camp Date:

  • Week 1 - Monday 24th - Friday 28th June 2024

  • Week 2 - Monday 1st - Friday 5th July 2024

  • Week 3 - Monday 8th - Friday 12th July 2024

Booking the Summer Camp

Please find the link to register for the UWC Thailand Summer Camps. 

The form will capture all information we need for the initial registration. Additional information will be required prior to the camp. 

Payment Terms and Conditions

The students' place will only be confirmed once all funds have been transferred. You will receive an email confirming the place has been secured within 72 working hours.


Pre-Camp you will then receive a welcome information email with all relevant details contained for your child's attendance. This is typically sent within one month prior to the camp taking place

Amendments to Booking Details:

Before 31 May, amendments to an enrolment may be permitted, including the name of the applicant and student details.


Additional changes including dates and options will only be permitted where available. To make a request email provide email address


Cost for Kindergarten Half Day - 12,950 THB Per week 

(The payment included: Snacks, T-shirt and Certificate)

Cost for Grade 1-8 Full Day  17,950 THB Per week 

(The payment included: Snacks, lunch, T-shirt and Certificate)



  • Early Bird: Register before 30th April 7% discount

  • UWC Thailand Student: additional 5% discount

  • Multi Weeks Discount: 5% discount if students register for two or three weeks

Discount may be combined.

Information on Payments

All payments must be made through the online booking application form and remittance uploaded at time of payment.


Fees cannot be paid in cash or on entrance.


Refund Policy:

Refunds will be issued only if the summer camp is cancelled. If the camp is not cancelled, no refunds will be issued for any reason, including changes in staffing, student attendance, or other factors. Registrants are encouraged to carefully consider their participation in the summer camp before completing their registration.

We apologise for any inconvenience this policy may cause, but ensuring the continuity and quality of our summer camp programmes is necessary.


UWC Thailand Summer Camp Information

Safety Terms and Conditions

  • Supervision: Our qualified teachers, coaches, and staff members will guarantee that your child is constantly supervised and kept safe.

  • Safety Protocols: We follow stringent safety protocols and guidelines to establish a safe environment for all students. This encompasses regular safety inspections, emergency preparedness drills, and staff training in first aid and CPR, among other measures.

  • Emergency Procedures: Should an emergency occur, immediate action will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of all campers. Parents/guardians will be promptly notified of any significant incidents or emergencies..

  • Health and Medical Care: Parents/guardians are responsible for providing accurate medical information about their child, including any allergies, medical conditions, or medications. Our staff will then ensure that appropriate medical care is provided as needed.

  • Behavioral Expectations: Camp participants are required to adhere to camp rules and behavioral guidelines to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience for all. Any behavior that compromises the safety or well-being of others will be promptly addressed and may lead to disciplinary measures..

  • Communication: Open and transparent communication between parents/guardians and camp staff is crucial. Any safety concerns or questions about the camp experience should be raised with camp management directly.


By enrolling your child in UWC Thailand Summer Camps with TEEMS Global, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these safety terms and conditions. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and fulfilling camp experience for all participants.


Class sizes and Grouping

The camp divisions are organized within the following ages:

  • Junior Kindergarten : Ages 4 - 5

  • Senior Kindergarten : Ages 5 - 6 

  • Grade 1 - 2 : Ages 6 - 8 

  • Grade 3 - 4 : Ages 8 - 10

  • Grade 5 - 6 : Ages 10 -12

  • Grade 7 - 8 : Ages 12 - 14

Students are assigned to a class according to the child’s age before Friday 14th June.


We have set a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 24 students per class.


English Proficiency: 

All lessons, instructions and camp activities are conducted in English. 


Our insurance package covers accidents that occur on and off-site during camp hours only and is limited to 10,000 THB.


It is highly recommended that you purchase additional health and travel insurance when visiting or living in Thailand.

Accommodation and Transportation 

TEEMS Global have created some great packages for those coming into Phuket. For further details and bookings, please get in touch


Food Service

A full international lunch buffet as well as two snacks will be provided daily. A packed lunch or pre arranged meal will be packed for off-site trips.

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